Wednesday storm

December 17th, 2013

Looks like we’ll be getting 4-8 inches of snow , I will be plowing spots on Thursday morning regular times . Please stay in your spots till then and do not park in front of buildings.



Thanks Steve

Regular Times
Eastwood Village 8:00 am
17 Cram Av 9:00 am
Brookside Estates 10:00 AM
Rivers Edge 11:00 Am

Also in these cold temperatures please keep all windows closed, as frozen pipes burst and cause major damages especially if it happens on second and third floors all the water goes down to lower units. If it is determined that the pipes were frozen do to the negligents of a resident then you may be responsible for all cost of contractors and damages.

If you are having heating issues please contact answering service ASAP to avoid frozen pipes.

also just a reminder there are no gas cans or gas tanks allowed on porches. Please put all cigarette butts in a can with water. Please do not throw cigarette butts on ground .

thanks and Happy New Year
Also any time you have a question just call me 240-9370